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V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Are you one of those students who are planning to study abroad? If so, then V. N. KARAZIN KHARKIV is the best university in Ukraine that you can choose. This university is known as the only National University in Ukraine which has employed and well-trained Nobel Prized winners. V. N. KARAZIN KHARKIV National University is also considered as among the oldest higher-education institutions in Ukraine.

The university has significant contribution in the Ukrainian renaissance, as it gave powerful impetus in the KHARKIV emergence as the major scientific academic hub and cultural center in Ukraine.

Now, the university is rated as the one of the best classical institutions among the universities in Ukraine, and is a very well-known in different countries around the world. The university’s history is part of the spiritual, cultural and intellectual past of Ukraine. Most of the famous educators, scholars and researchers are associated in the KHARKIV University, such as Kostomarov, Beketov and many more.

Both foreign and local students aim to study in V. N. KARAZIN KHARKIV National University as all courses are available such as, biological sciences, business economics, social sciences, physical sciences, clinical health, arts & humanities and engineering technology.

Why Most Students Choose to Study in KHARKIV University

Since the foundation of the University, more than one-hundred-thirty thousand students have graduated from the University, and the graduates’ names are honored in geographical names, names of objects, minerals, formulae, laws and plants. Most of the graduates from this university become professionals and find great jobs. In fact, almost sixty graduates are academicians and active members of UNAS or Ukrainian National Academy of Science. Furthermore, the activities and programs of the National University developed V. N. KARAIN KHARKIV in a major cultural, industrial and scientific center.

Most of the streets in KHARKIV are name after the alumni, professors and researchers of the institution. Also, the university initiated complete education system for the benefits of all the students who want to get higher-education in Ukraine. It’s offspring in the region of KHARKIV includes, Pharmaceutical Academy, Culture Academy, Economic University, Pedagogical University, Veterinary Academy and many other higher education institutions.

All these universities or colleges in Ukraine accept all students from different countries. In fact, the instructors in the schools are great in welcoming the foreign students, making them feel belong regardless of their nationality or differences.

Today, the V. N. KHARKIV University has twenty- one schools which means that all the opportunities are widely open to all the students around the world, who are wishing to get higher-education in Ukraine.

The truth is that, every year the number of students in this University increases and causing the university to employ many research staff, full professors, doctor of sciences, associate professors and faculties. Most of the international students are encourage to study in KHARKIV University, not only because of the popularity and great historical background of the institution, but also due to the fact, that the methods and system of teaching that are being used are modern. Most of the foreign students want to study in KHARKIV University because all the stuff and professors are very friendly.

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