Frequently Asked Questions

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Students can choose Russian or English as the Education language in Ukraine Universities.

Most of popular courses are available in English language, even if any course is not available in English language, student can get 1 year of preparation course where he will learn Russian language and start his degree education from next year.

You have to fill the application form on our website and send to us below documents’ scans.

If you apply for Bachelor Degree:

  • Passport
  • Secondary School Certificate

If you apply for Master Degree:

  • Passport
  • Secondary School Certificate
  • Bachelor Diploma

If your documents are originally in English language, then you can send the scans as they are, otherwise if original language of your documents is different, you have to send translated into Russian or Ukrainian languages copies.

It will take 7 business days to process your documents and send the hard copy of your invitation letter.

Living in Ukraine

On campus accommodation starts from 250$ per year, it depends on University and options you choose.

Students can rent one bedroom private apartment for 150$ – 300$ per Month. The price depends on location and appartment condition.

Average monthly expenses is about 200-300$ excluding accommodation rental fees.

There’s absolutely no racism and nationalism, Kharkiv is the city of students and more that 66000 international students from all over the world are study in Ukraine nowadays.