Who We Are – “Apply Ukraine”

‘Apply Ukraine’ is an education consultancy, situated in Kharkiv city, Ukraine.

Formed in 2010, the ‘Apply Ukraine’ project has helped many international students to study in Ukraine universities. It has been a long journey since beginning but we are proud to announce that hundreds of students that we have helped are finally graduating Ukraine universities.

The ‘Apply Ukraine’ works with a wide variety of Ukraine universities in a large spectrum of subjects, so we are able to help our students in following their dream through further education.

What we do

‘Apply Ukraine’ offers you consulting services related education in Ukraine. We assist and walk you through application process till the end of your education process.

You can choose to study in either the English or the Russian language. There is no set criteria in order to be able to apply, no IELTS, TOEFL or any other certificate is required. Anybody who wants to increase his or her knowledge through further education can apply to Ukraine universities. For students with poor language skills, they can also apply to a preparation course before degree mode of study.

We bridge the link between students and universities to ensure that all parties gain the most from the education process. In addition, our qualified specialists work individually with each student, to prepare our students to live and study in Ukraine and assist on any issues throughout their studies. Furthermore, we offer 100% guaranteed admission to Ukraine universities.

Meet Our Team

International Professionals